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Aleks Evanguelidi LM, CPM has been working in birth for 15 years. She began her work in birth while maintaining her presence as a nutritionist and as an herbalist and educator for Gaia Herbs. A firm believer and proponent in living a sustainable lifestyle, she utilizes her years of experience in nutrition to support her clients in having an extraordinary sense of wellness while preparing for conception or to experience the healthiest pregnancy possible. Having studied pre and perinatal psychology and birth, Aleks brings to her clients a profound sense of trust in their own bodies while supporting them in this tremendous period of transformation. Over the years Aleks has worked with over 3000 clients, opened and operated as Clinical Director at The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, trained 25 student midwives, and has contributed to several documentaries and publications on birth related topics.


The period of time in which a woman is pregnant is without a doubt the most profound experience of her life.  It is an honor to witness this cycle of change with my clients and to explore their lives with them in a way that they leave their time with me feeling deeply held and supported.  To me, the prenatal phase should be honored and respected; each client should be educated and given the opportunity to make choices about the care they are receiving such that it becomes an individualized journey.  I consider myself to be both an excellent experienced clinician and someone who can hold the importance of this life event with tremendous reverence.